Defining a method everyone can use

15 Nov

I’ve spent the last year exploring a variety of tools and literature associated with persuasion, and now I have started passing some of the better known techniques onto other people around the business, particularly those who are creating content and propositions.  Although it’s relatively easy to give a good overview of the main techniques and insights, it’s more challenging to distil that into a simple and accessible toolkit that anyone can use to enhance their usual design process.  In the end I have looked at fantastic source material and methodologies from the Human Factors International ‘Persuasion, Emotion and Trust’ course contents, Dan Lockton’s Design with Intent, and most recently Mental Notes from Stephen P Anderson, all of which take a slightly different angle and provide a slightly different framework.  My challenge is to take the great bits from all of this and make a simplified toolkit that suits our business and helps us grow into this way of approaching design.

At this stage, anyone who hears about the techniques are extremely interested, and can recognise easily the many places they have seen them used before.  How, though, can we make it easy to inject persuasion into any task we undertake?  What makes for an accessible and engaging methodology, with a light touch, that a team can pick up and run with easily?


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