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Reinventing the wheel…

16 Aug

Yesterday I tried to get to grips with how a few key components of experience design could fit together in our company and have us all aiming at the same high standards, while letting individual teams test, learn and improve what we do.  I thought about it for 15 minutes, scribbled a diagram, and then had to have a lie down in a darkened room!  Here is my knotty problem:

How do we find a way of working that incorporates the following:  our brand identity, our hunger for multivariate testing and squeezing more and more value out of existing areas of the site, our recently set up component library driving standardisation, and an understanding of customer motivations and barriers, leading into an arsenal of persuasion, emotion and trust tools to overcome them.

See what I mean?  Your forehead is damp at the thought, isn’t it.  If it’s NOT, then perhaps you could give me a few ideas!